ELR Operational Update- Monday 23 March 2020

Tracey Parkinson, our General Manager, has provided an update from today’s ELR COBRA meeting.  With no trains operating and no revenue coming in we have taken the decision to furlough a number of employees for the time being.  Some core of staff have been retained to cover essential tasks and provide an on site presence.

Ongoing assistance and additional security measures – A request will  go out to ask for volunteers to help by attending site to check security and to provide a presence as various locations.  Several people have kindly offered to provide us with support.  We will pair these people up and take the necessary precautions.

Unfortunately, just a few hours after the railway closed the workshop at Baron Street was burgled. Around £10,000 of brass and copper fittings for locos were stolen and will have to be replaced at our cost.

Message today from Tracey – The closure and the burglary is a devaststaing blow but now we absolutely must protect our people and secure the site so that we have a railway to re-open again.

Please don’t forget to help us financially if you can by going to the JustGiving website https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/donation-web/charity?charityId=1010251&stop_mobi=yes



2 thoughts on “ELR Operational Update- Monday 23 March 2020

  1. I’ve filled in a resident’s permit application form but am not sure if there will be anyone at Bury to process it at the moment. Please can you let me know.


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