ELR Starring on UK TV!

Steam Train Britain TV Programme - Winter 2019

Have you seen the latest TV series showing on the Yesterday Channel? If the answer is yes you will have seen two great eposodes where a part of the programme (shared with other heritage railways) showcases the very best of the ELR and its staff and volunteers. If its no read on please on!

During the summer of 2019, a TV crew made several visits to the ELR to caputure the front-line and behind scenes activities covering the many challenges our staff and volunteers face every day in making the ELR one of the premier heritage railways in the country.




The programme (Steam Train Britain) is shown every Thursday at 8pm on Yesterday TV. You can catch up on UKTV https://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk/shows/steam-train-britain/watch-online/

ELR traditional-afternoon-tea-banner


In the second episode checkout Lee Kenny and the wonderful team who worked tirelessly to renovate and fit out a carriage to be ready for the launch of the ELR’s new cream tea service.




ELR Wedding


In the third episode we see Sophie Mendoza and her team taking on the challenge of hosting a wedding in the middle of a very busy Bury Bolton Street station.












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