News from the Boardroom – October 2019

Board Room 1


  • The General Manager’s National Safety Group meeting was hosted at the ELR, for the first time, on the weekend of 12 & 13th.
  • Permanent Way – Person in Charge of Work training course took place on Saturday 21st September for Saturday team.
  • Canopy works continue at Rawtenstall with the lift date scheduled for the 28th Oct.
  • P Way have renewed a number of Track Circuit T Pieces in the Summerseat.
  • A further IOSH Managing Safely course ran on the 23rd to 25th October.
  • The new Learning and Audience Development function has got off to a flying start securing over 100 voluntary placements agreed with Bury College over the next 12 months .
  • Through Bury Transport Museim, STEM development is progressing well, partnerships are being formed and cemented with new and exciting projects following at a quick pace..
  • Crane driving assessments will take place during November.
  • Use of HOPS for the RO Daily Log and Incident Report Log is now operational.
  • IOSH compliant risk assessment forms have been issued to all stations.
  • Rawtenstall CCTV upgrade continues and work planned on the Trackside Kitchen and BTM in the next few weeks.
  • The ELR servers have been the subject of numerous and persistent ‘hacking’ attacks. No attacks have breached the ELR’s security systems.
  • The GDPR Working (Data) group has been established and has started work on reviewing and progressing policy implementation.
  • Work on building and wiring of the first of three new location cases in preparation for the forthcoming Ramsbottom North Location Case and Cable Renewal Scheme is nearing.
  • Improvements to the Trackside Kitchen equipment going ahead late October. This will improve the capacity of cooking facilities.
  • Work continues on refining a prototype LED signal light for eventual introduction across the whole railw

Staff & Volunteers Album

Carl Phillips (Large)

Infrastructure Director

Carl Phillips made an application for the vacant post and attended an interview. Following that Carl has been elected to the ELR Board. Working with colleagues in P Way and Signalling & Telecoms, Carl will have oversight in the development of these key safety critical services.

Carl has 21 years operational experience the railway industry in both heavy and light rail.

Carl stated “Why the ELR?  I’ve travelled on the ELR quite a bit with mates and family over the last 10 years and its always a pleasure to feel like you are going back in history (on steam days) and back to when I started the railway (loco-hauled diesel days/mix steam).  It’s quite nostalgic and I also know a few railway colleagues who work on ELR and they say it’s fun.  I also like challenges, which any railway brings having dealt with many in my career dealing with teams, re-orgs, derailments, collisions, etc.  The volunteer side is also appealing giving something back to the local communities and our railway heritage”.

Bernard Carter-27 Oct 19 (Large)

Meet Bernard Carter one of our long serving volunteer signallers operating out of  the Townsend Fold signal box.

Bernard joined the ELR in 2002 and told me he is very happy to work between Rawtenstall West and Townsend Fold.








Rory Lushman (Large)


Meet Rory Lushman a ‘jack of all trades’. Rory is a long standing volunteer in the diesel department; standards head; ELR photogragher; HOPS Administartor; editor of ELR News. Thats’s quite a list of acheivements and its to Rory’s credit that he carries out all these tasks with professionalim and a great passion for the ELR.






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