Burrs Country Park Station – How the Station was Built?

Its a little late, but check out this short video which illustrates the work that went into how the new station was built on a disused site adjacent to the Caravan Park in the heart of Burrs Country Park, thus adding the seventh station along the East lancs Railway – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRdIYrE4wKM&list=FLvOFQJ7jwzY7fki8irHe1Jw


4 thoughts on “Burrs Country Park Station – How the Station was Built?

  1. Mike, Burrs was a great achievement for both the CAMC and the ELR. However nearly 3 years on there is not a weekend goes by without the passenger shelter being vandalised. As you know I try to visit once a week to clean the station and greet passengers.On the 5th October attempts were made by youths to arson the station with some considerable fire damage as reported in the Bury times. I only wish the railway had spoke to the police in the beginning of the project for their advice on ‘designing crime out’


    1. Hi Stephen, it is disappointing to have such wanton vandalism and the distress it causes to you particular with your voluntary work at the station. The General Manager is also aware and continues to explore a range of options, but realistically what ever we try it may not ultimately resolve the anti-social behaviour problem, which is also happening at other parts of the railway. Mike


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