News from the Boardroom-September 2019

Board Room 1

  • Historic first visit by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester on the 26 September.
  • Chairman and General Manager’s 4th annual open forum to be held on 2nd October at The Met.
  • National General Manager’s Safety Group meeting to be hosted at the ELR on weekend 12 & 13 October.
  • Tour of Britain cycle race travelled through Ramsbottom on 14th September with national TV coverage reaching 750,000 viewers.
  • HOPs – All ELR buildings are now listed. All future reactive and planned maintenance works will be logged into system.
  • Launch of 13-16 year old’s Youth Group 13-16 due for mid October.
  • The West Country weekend with 34092 City of Wells and 34046 Braunton was very successful.
  • Buffer Stops now back in the Good Beer Guide along with the Trackside.

Buffer Stops Logo

Safety Report

  • Permanent Way – Person in Charge of Work training course took place on Saturday 21st September for Saturday team leaders.
  • 3rd IOSH Managing Safely Course to be held late October.

Bury Transport Museum

Scammel and Trailer

A long term project is in its final stages.  Last week the van trailer was moved with the Scammel Scarab tractor unit using the coupling gear for the first time in approximately 30 years.  The van trailer has spent much of the last 12 months being rebuilt, and the tractor unit is due to be repainted in the next couple of weeks, bringing it up to display smartness.

Steam Traction

Since the last report the following work has been completed.

1 x Boiler washouts, 4 x 7 day exams, 2 x 14 day exams.

Steam loco’s serviceable 5 out of 6 locomotives available – 32 “Thomas” Stopped with repairs to eccentric straps.

34092 – Now running again with its own tender after successful completion of bearing repairs to trailing tender wheelset, Tender from West coast rail returned to Carnforth in next 10 days.

Restoration works 

Jinty – Boiler work is still progressing slower than planned due to availability of contractor, Axlebox work is now on final stages, with boxes due to be metalled and final machined in the coming weeks, work on the wheel lathe has recommenced and will hopefully be completed soon so wheels can be turned and journals finals polished and machined for final sizes for Axlebox machining.

752 – Boiler has been refitted into frame and boiler has been steam tested with only a couple of minor issues to resolve, cladding work will commence shortly. Drawings and re-design work on brake system on going, re-design work to be verified by Josh Bowmaker as independent engineer, smoke box has now been fitted, chimney and smokebox door. Main steam pipes have been repaired and hydraulic tested.

Diesel Traction

Work completed within last 4 weeks are as follows;

1 x Annual safety exams, 21 Service check exams, 2 x A exams 1 x B Exam

Vehicles available for Traffic

Diesel Locos/ Units available – 18/ 1 – Stopped – 50015 Liner seals

Recent Type 1 – 3 day went well operationally with no issues with locomotives, no idea on takings at this stage.

Work in progress currently:

* Radiator leaks on 09024

* Liner repairs to Class 50015

* Repairs/Exam on 76 Ton rail crane

Carriage & Wagon

Work complete in last 4 weeks are as follows:

2 x B exams, 1 x C exams  and 7 x A Exams


4933 – released to traffic after door frame repairs and VBO, 25385 in shed having repairs to door frames and crash pillars, ETH has been repaired and re-instated.

4996 and 4647 have also need for repairs to door frame legs.

In works

1665 – Exterior repaint, interior Refurb and Kitchen floor replacement

4350 –  Interior and exterior refurb – new toilet floors and internal panelling, re-upholster – expected back in service Jan/Feb 2020.

Staff & Volunteers Album

Mark Hill (Large)

Meet Mark Hill our new Commercial Manager. Mark is an established marketing, event planning and retail professional with front-line experience of heritage railway operations with West Somerset Railway.






Ross Eckersley - Carriage Cleaner-2 Oct 2019

Meet Ross Eckersley one of our great volunteer carriage cleaners for over 20 years who was just coming of carriage cleaning for the Thomas the Tank event when I bumped into him.







IMG_6878 (Large)

Meet Jeff Armstrong our new Operations Manager who joins the East Lancs Railway with 39 years railway experience with British Rail-Railtrack-Network Rail-North Yorkshire Moors- Railway and Saudi Arabia Railway.

Jeff feels right at home at the ELR and has already volunteered to be one of the Santas on our up coming Santa Specials season.










2 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom-September 2019

  1. Hi Mike

    In addition to being one of the volunteer Ramsbottom signalmen, one of my other voluntary roles is with the Campaign for Real Ale, where I am on the local committee and am responsible for putting the local entries in Rochdale, Oldham and Bury into the Good Beer Guide (GBG) annually.

    I note with interest your comment about the Trackside retaining its place within the GBG, but feel duty bound to inform you that this very nearly was not the case. When Will “left” earlier this year the pub by rights should have been taken out of the GBG as CAMRA rules state that where a change of licensee or manager takes place then there is no guarantee that the standard of beer will continue, and therefore the pub must be taken out. You may be aware that this happened when Michelle left a few years back.

    However where we can see and are assured that the standard of beer will not be affected, then we have a dispensation to retain the pub in the guide. Its fair enough to say that the only reason Trackside retained its place in the GBG this year is through the talents and skill of Timothy Stronach as cellar manager. After I reported back to Committee on the situation it was a unanimous decision that we keep Trackside in the GBG as we were assured that the quality of beer would continue due to Tim’s work – and that decision has proved worthwhile as Tim has not just kept the standard but raised the bar making Trackside one of the top pubs on our National Beer Scoring system within the Rochdale, Oldham and Bury branch. I also passed the information on to the CAMRA East Lancashire branch which has oversight of Buffer Stops, and was glad to see it in this years guide. Fair praise is due to the man.

    Hope to see you around

    Andy Cooper


    1. Hi Andy
      Thanks for the insight into the committee’s thinking. Despite our best efforts it has been a challenging period for the Trackside and yes good passionate staff like Tim can make the difference. I am pleased to report we have recently appointed a very experienced Pub’s Manager who will I am sure want to not just keep the accreditation but take up the baton to ensure it is not put at risk into the future. Mike


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