News from the Boardroom – July 2019

Board Room 1


  • June passenger numbers up by 4% compared to the same month last year.
  • Very successful summer diesel gala event.
  • ELR Memorial Plaque unveiled at Bury Bolton Street Station.
  • Appointments completed of Diesel fitter, Sales and Events Manager and Passenger Services.
  • New leadership structure to be created to help better organise Permanent Way work programmes.

32nd Anniversary of the launch of the ELR

ELR-EV-2017-30 Years-Poster V6

Safety Report

  • IOSH Managing Safely course is scheduled for 7/8/9. As the ELR Chairman I will be attending.
  • The next Safety Team meeting is to be held on the 24th July.
  • Annual Safety Tour calendar to be created using HOPS.
  • Fire Risk Assessment reviews have been carried out and an action tracker.

Volunteer Champions Group

Second meeting to be held on 31 July. Any ideas/suggestions/issues speak with your Volunteer Champion.


Michael Moore – Chair – Civil Engineering
Luke Owen – Vice Chair – Booking Office & TTI
Keith Shilton –  Administrator – Bury Transport Museum
Duncan Bower – Ramsbottom Station & Signalling
Angus Mullinger – Carriage & Wagon
Tina Bywater – Buffets
Mark Rosebury – Permanent Way
Eddie Goodram – Carriage cleaner’s, Civil Engineers, FXP Team, Buffet, Shop. Sales.
Andrew Snadden – Guard & General Managers Office (KPIs)
Alex Thomas – Guards
Simon Thomas – Transport & Rolling Stock
Eileen Winterbottom – Stations / Buffet / Events
David Wright – East Lancs Railway Preservation Society

Transport Museum

Education Bookings

Wheels for 2019 was an entirely sold out with more groups visiting for this session than in previous years. This resulted in a number of schools being turned away – around 20 in total.   This has prompted the Museum to trial doubling up schools for Wheels on the schedule below:

This worked well, and is a potential offer for the 2020 education season. One of the major challenges for the Museum as education sessions grow in popularity, is the need for more education volunteers. Advertising for recruitment especially in these roles is currently being pushed by the Museum Manager.

Ford Side Valve Owners Club AGM.

BTM Car Rally

The Museum was pleased to host the Annual General Meeting of the Ford Side Valve Owners Club on June 29th. Over 40 club members attended the event, which was held in the Education Suite. The members brought with them a superb selection of Ford Side Valve cars and vans dating from the 1930s to the 1960s.




Upcoming Events

  • Family Crafts will be taking place every Wednesday during the school holidays
  • Thomas Weekend 5th, 6th August
  • Sci Fi on the Sidings, 16th, 17th August
  • Classic Car Rally (BTM only) 8th September


Signalling and Telecommunications

Ramsbottom Level Crossing Overhaul – Sunday Morning Road Closure

Ramsbottom Gates Maintenance - JUly 2019

Teething troubles with the upside gate stop raising gear following its reinstatement on new timbers have hopefully now been resolved. Additional rodding rollers have been introduced to prevent the gate stop operating rod deflecting rather than fully raising the road stop. In addition clearances have been improved to allow grease nipples to be fitted where they were previously missing.

Another 4 weekly Sunday morning half road closure prior to the first train has allowed both road stops to be oiled internally, and the four manholes located in the road carrying the operating rods and signal wires to have silt build up removed.

Steam Engineering

47324 – Work continues by Varley Boiler services on the boiler and axlebox final machining is now underway, all six axle boxes and crowns have been trial fitted to the loco. Materials have been ordered for the tool post for wheel lathe, as the tyres and journals will all need a skim before the loco can be re-wheeled.

752 – The boiler has passed its hydraulic test after fitment of stay tubes.  The boiler was due to be steam tested a couple of weeks ago but due to the regulator rod supplied being incorrect for this loco, the owners have been unable to locate the original rod, so two of ELRs staff visited KWVR to measure and draw up the rod assembly from L&Y 957 which has an identical boiler.  Arrangements are just being finalised to lift the boiler back in frames in the next week or two.

34092 – Has just had a boiler washout and driving wheel spring change, however the loco only ran for 3 days before another driving wheel spring failed, replacement springs from SVR are being collected w/c 15th July which should be fitted by end of that week making the loco available for traffic again.

80080 – The loco returned to traffic in mid-June, after super heater element changes, an issue has developed with the steam brake cylinder which requires new rings to be manufactured.

80097 – The loco has received a boiler washout and a number of repairs, there are still some issues with steam heat and the piston glands are being looked but the loco remains available for use.

Carriage & Wagon Report

RMB 1829 – In its last week before the deadline of its eleven week challenge, a lot of time has been spent on the bogies. This involved wheel set scrapping and painting, freeing off all the brake rigging which hadn’t seen any oil for some time. The bolsters were stripped out and descaled

FO 3144 – Interior curtains, brackets and tie backs fitted.  Door signs and safety notices installed. Full clean throughout vehicle along with internal and external windows.

TSO 4880 – Has now seen a start made back on number one end with the rest of the steel work being finished off and a move round onto the west side being undertaken as this coach was put on hold for other more pressing projects.

BFK 17019 – Has been brought into the shed following a routine exam that highlighted the need for the guard’s door to be repaired as the steel Z section hinge side had come away from the body side. With this work being carried out, the opportunity was taken to remove the cage to improve the area for disabled passengers.

SR 56283 – Goods brake van – This has been receiving a tidy up and re glazing of the windows with Perspex, plus repairs to roof edging, along with a new coat of paint. A full exam has been undertaken, before its loan period at the NRM Shildon Museum providing brake van rides. The Brake Van is on hire to NRM for two years.

Diesel Report

09024 and Class 47 D1501 have returned to traffic after repairs and exams

45108 & 47765 – There are couple of outstanding safety exams to complete from June these will be attended to in next couple of weeks.

09024 – back in service.

08164 – In August after Thomas the loco come out of service for its C exam and repairs to Traction motor blower bearings which are rumbling.


4-6 July – Summer Diesel Gala – Went exceptionally well, with no locomotive issues. Operationally it also went very well, visitor numbers were up on 2018. Letters of thanks have been sent to Harry Needles for the four Class 20’s that attended and to DCR for the two Class 56’s that ran over the event.



Naming Ceremony for “Driver Wayne Gaskill” on Sunday 7th July was successful with Wayne’s family and DCR guests all enjoying their day with ELR.





Race the Train 23 June 2019


The Race the Train event welcomed 739 visitors compared to 664 in 2018, an increase of 11%.







Volunteers & Staff Album

Dinesh Mistry - Ian Smith S&T

Signalling & Telecome Department – Check out Dinesh Mistry and Ian Smith recently retired from Network Rail in S&T. Welcome to the ELR boys your skills are most welcome.





Bob Howorth

Heywood Station – Meet Bob Howorth who leads the station team. When Bob is on duty as Station Master, Bob he looks after the booking office and is a trained dispatcher. Wow Bob a man of many talents. Well done!





Adam Ross  Signalling Department – Adam Ross has been a volunteer for over 10 years and thoroughly enjoys working and taking responsibility for the safe passage of trains running past the Ramsbottom Signal Box. Keep on signalling Adam.






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