ELR Volunteers Champions Group Launched

The much anticipated launch of a new ELR Volunteers Champions Group took place recently. The idea for the group came from a suggestion made at the ELR Annual Open Forum in November 2018.

ELR Group

The champions have come forward and represent all departments across the railway. The Chairman and General Manager will also attend meetings.


Michael Moore – Chair – Civil Engineering
Luke Owen – Vice Chair – Booking Office & TTI
Keith Shilton –  Administrator – Bury Transport Museum
Duncan Bower – Ramsbottom Station & Signalling
Angus Mullinger – Carriage & Wagon
Tina Bywater – Buffets
Mark Rosebury – Permanent Way
Eddie Goodram – Carriage cleaner’s, Civil Engineers, FXP Team, Buffet, Shop. Sales.
Andrew Snadden – Guard & General Managers Office (KPIs)
Alex Thomas – Guards
Simon Thomas – Transport & Rolling Stock
Eileen Winterbottom – Stations / Buffet / Events
David Wright – East Lancs Railway Preservation Society


The purpose of the Volunteer Champions Group is to bring forward issues and ideas that can be discussed openly which assists the railway run smoothly. The group will also help to ensure the smooth flow of information between the ELR and its volunteers.

The overall aims of the Group are to:

  • Encourage a harmonious working environment.
  • Provide a direct line of communication between ELRs volunteers and its staff, General Manager and Chairman.
  • To discuss and explore views, opinions and solutions as representatives of all working volunteers, not as individuals or as departmental representatives.
  • Act as a conduit to other volunteers to promote the railway with shared outcomes.

What area is not covered by the Group

The group has not been set up to become a simple complaints session. There are well identified procedures for all volunteers to raise concerns or make criticisms against the ELR.


Membership of the group is open to all working volunteers who may apply to ELR’s Staff Liaison Officer (SLO) to become a Champion.  The SLO will ensure a good mix of representation by location and department.  The SLO will maintain a reserve list of applicants that the Group can draw from should a Champion step down.

The Group consists of a Chairman, Vice Chair, Administrator and ten further working volunteers giving a total of 13 Champion positions.  The Group will maintain no more than 13 Champion positions in order for the Group to remain able to work smoothly and seamlessly. The Group as a whole will elect their Chairman, Vice Chair and Administrator from within the Group of 13.

All meetings will be attended by the ELR General Manager, the SLO, and whenever possible, the ELR Chairman.

Additional members may attend by invitation only and only if agreed upon by the group and the General Manager at a previous meeting.

The Chairman, Vice Chair and Administrator may serve in these positions for one year, and must be re-elected at the first Group Meeting to follow ELRs annual Open Forum; Champions may only serve two terms consecutively in these positions but will remain a member of the Group until they stand down.

The Group may vote as a whole to replace any member of the Group should a situation arise where the Group considers this to be necessary.

A Champion who misses 2 consecutive meetings may be replaced by a volunteer from the reserve list held by the SLO.  Replacement of a Champion must be voted upon by the Group and where there is no unanimous decision, the majority vote will prevail.

Champions are representatives of all working volunteers, agenda points submitted to the Administrator must represent the views, opinions and suggestions of all working volunteers. Champions will not use the forum to bring forward only their own individual or departmental issues.

Minutes from meetings will be made available to all working members.





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