News from the Boardroom -April 2019

Board Room 1


  • HOPS – Almost 100 users live on the system. Four departments are working their way towards utlising rostering features.
  • IOSH Managing Safely. First course due to take place on 3rd, 4th and 5th June with a maximum of 20 attendees.
  • The volunteer Safety Manager reported to Board on the outcome of a new round of safety tours which have taken place and focused on signal boxes and signing on points. Action plan being drawn up.
  • An online course on Personal Track Safety is now being made available to working members.
  • The Managing Volunteers course was delivered to ELR free of charge by ACAS on 1stApril, the course was successful and feedback was good.
  • The Volunteer Champions Group (VCG) held its first meeting on 18th April.
  • Structured 121 meetings are being trialled with employees and good feedback has been received, the process will continue to be monitored.
  • Bury Transport Museum is hosting some interesting new events in the coming weeks, in particular regional heats for Race to the Line on 30th April with contestants having a go at building a rocket car.
  • Work has commenced on the new canopy at Rawtenstall, foundations installed. Erection of the canopy is delayed owing the unavailability of rail crane  until June.
  • Repairs to Trackside toilets underway, completion to Disabled toilet in time for Thomas the Tank weekend in May. Many thanks to our P Way team.

Bury Transport Museum

Bury Art Museum in partnership with, Bury Transport Museum, The Met, Bury Fusilier Museum and Age UK Bury have secured funding to begin a Culture Champions programme in Bury. Volunteers are being sought who are aged 50 years and over, with an interest in culture and are interested in helping increase cultural opportunities for older people to participate in and create new age-friendly activity. The Champions will help to create a cultural passport that will provide a range of options for older people to engage in the wide range of cultural assets across Bury’s cultural quarter.


Townsend Fold Level Crossing Ducts

Remedial works to repair damaged ducts scheduled for 27th /28th April with the full highway reinstatement taking place on 4th May.

Well done to our S&T; P Way teams and Cheetham Hill Construction.

Steam Crane

Restoration of the Craven 50 T steam crane is unlikely to be affordable by the ELR for the foreseeable future. Board agreed to release the crane to a good home and will aid clearance to the site.

Transport & Rolling Stock

Due to recent incidents of vandalism at Baron street it has been necessary to stable all steam locomotives in the works overnight on every operating day. CCTV installation has commenced with cameras being fitted in all access areas including into the shed. The quality of images can be used by the Police for the purposes prosecution.

 T&RS Report

13065 – Work is suspended on the boiler over recent weeks due to workload on their fleet, and they are also awaiting materials from Tyseley for the throat plate and backhead. No other repair works scheduled as no further funds available at this time.

47324 – Boiler work continues and good progress is being made, a new foundation ring has now arrived and has been drilled for fitting, prep work for copper welding has been undertaken. Final machining of the axlebox crowns is underway, crowns are to be refitted within the next couple of weeks, it will then be prepared for re-wheeling.

Need to cast new eccentric straps and expansion links is required to complete internal motion repairs.

Carriage & Wagon Report

Carriage Roofs – Roof cleaning and preparation for painting. Historically, this work has been carried out by using sanding pads or paint scabbler to clean back the roof to bare metal. This work requires hundreds of hours of heavy manual work. To improve productivity a trial of using high pressure water  jetting carried out externally reduces risks of particulate inhalation and using a cherry boom significantly reduces the risks associated with working at height. This option will free up ‘in house’ resources to work on other restoration activities.

1665 – Extensive repairs are required as is the possible removal of asbestos.

FO S3144 – Work on the saloon is progressing well but with more varnish on the walls to help with not only looking good but also to be well-sealed to keep any damp out. The north end toilet tank had been removed for repairs, these are complete and it has now been refitted.  The loco has also seen the south end tank removed, repaired and refitted and both tanks have been tested after installation to ensure the pipe work was sealed.

Diesel Report

09024 – A new agreement has been reached with Owners for a further three year period to stay at the ELR.

Class 25 – D7629 will be ready for the Summer Season.

Class 47 D1501 – Loco is currently stopped awaiting engine repairs and C exam, work should start after the May Thomas event.


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