News from the Boardroom-March 2019

Board Room 1


  • Youth Group to be launched in June.
  • Safety tours schedule set for 18th & 26th April with tours including signal boxes and signing on.
  • Safety Team has appointed Deputy Chair, Russell Moorhouse.
  • The Volunteer Liaison Group is now formed, it is made up of a good mix of volunteer roles from each department. The first meeting of the Group is scheduled to take place on 18th April.
  • Rawtenstall Canopy works has started with the foundation works having been completed by Eric Wright Construction. Our thanks go to the company who did the work without fees.
  • The CCTV project is progressing, the Station Buffet and Buffet Storeroom cameras are now installed and working as are two vandal resistant cameras placed at the T&RS office and Baron Street.
  • The Bury Transport Museum has trialled Toddler sessions which have been well received and popular so will continue.
  • The Bury Transport Museum is introducing several new initiatives that are aimed at increasing visitor numbers. Projects include Race to the Line UK Rocket Car Championship confirmed for Tuesday 30th April. There will be a ‘Rocketeer’ training session on Tuesday 23rd April for staff and volunteers.

Safety Update

  • Safety tours – the first two are arranged for the 18th and 26th of April. The 18th will focus on Signalboxes and the 26th on signing on points.
  • IOSH Managing Safely course dates – first course May 20-22 inclusive.
  • The Safety Team Manager met with the railway Doctor and David Wilson (central records). Recommendations to follow regarding medicals as role specific and self-declaration for other roles.
  • Personal Track Safety – the Safety Team Manager is working on a proposal to improve the training and revalidation of PTS, this will include proposals on Lineside Photographer licensing.

Rawtenstall Canopy


Following the completion of works on drainage and points at North of Bury Tunnel the P Way made a good start in installing two concrete bases  with resources provided for free from the Eric Wright Group. Phil Bailey and the P Way team will now bring up the components of the restored L & Y canopy to be erected at the far end of the station ready for the recently restored rail crane to hoist the canopy into postion.

Our thanks also go to William Hare of Bury  who suppiled the bolts and fittings for the two reinforced concrete bases and of course the two ornamental columns which hold up the restored conopy.

Volunteer Liaison Group

The ELR Board unanimously supported the creation of a first ever Volunteer Liaison Group. The General Manager advised Board that good numbers of volunteers have come forward and this group has now been formed, made up of a mix of volunteer roles from across ELR departments. The first meeting of the Group is scheduled to take place on 18th April.

Bury Transport Museum

Future opportunities are being examined to raise the profile of the Museum, particularly with nationally recognised annual events. These would include marketing (some free, some with small additional costs) that would list the museum events as part of national activities, including:

  • Children’s Art Week: Saturday 8th– Sunday 16th June
  • The Big Draw – The World’s Biggest Drawing Festival October TBC

The focus this year is #DrawToLife, with a focus on mental health, wellbeing and social mobility.

  • Museums at Night – May & October TBC

Museums are encouraged to provide night time events – these might be torchlight tours, ghost stories, etc.

  • Kids in Museum’s Take Over Day – Friday 28th June & Friday 22ndNovember 2019

Museums are encouraged to engage young people in ‘Taking over the Museum’ – they might give tours, curate exhibitions, take over social media channels, etc.

Young Volunteers

The ELR Board were advised that three Young Volunteer Team Leaders have come forward to lead the first group of six young people on a project commencing in June.

Aims of the group

To encourage young people into the volunteering sector, by providing an educational experience that develops transferrable life skills and engage with railway related activities. Young people offer enthusiasm, commitment and energy and they can make a special and enduring contribution to the work of the ELR.

A positive volunteering experience can lead to a young person developing a lifelong commitment to volunteering, hopefully on the ELR. It is therefore important that the ELR creates a stimulating environment which supports young people in growing and developing a wide range of railway interested and skills, whilst doing this in a safe and controlled environment.



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