34092 City of Wells Funding Update.

City of Wells PhotoOver the past two years we have been honoured to host Ex-Southern Railway Bullied Light Pacific No. 34092 “City of Wells”. Since her arrival at the East Lancashire Railway in July 2015, following a comprehensive overhaul, “Wells” has been a strong stalwart of our steam locomotive line-up. Come rain or shine, from snowy Santa Specials and haunted Halloween services to Steam Galas and luxury diners, “Wells” has proudly represented the ELR and done her bit for our cause and community. The locomotive has been such a mainstay of our work here we decided to try and purchase such an iconic locomotive and give it a permanent home here at the ELR.

City of Wells in the Snow.jpg34092 City of Wells update. Great news! With the public’s generous donations contributing over £320,000, we have now purchased this fabulous locomotive which is a big hit with enthusiasts and visitors to the ELR. A million thanks to everyone who put their hands in their pockets!

IMG_1313Our grateful and special thanks go Alex Choremi who is a long standing supporter of the ELR, who visits from Switzerland, and who donated a huge six figure sum to the public funding of the loco. I was pleased to present Alex with a plaque to record his contribution. Alex is looking a little grubby following a day on the ELR enjoying a Footplate Experience.

Watch out for details of a special donors train shortly.


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