News from the Boardroom-February 2019

Board Room 1



  • The formation of the Volunteer Liaison Group is progressing well. To date, 16 volunteers including a member of Society board have stepped forward to become Volunteer Champions.
  • Preparations for the 2019 Volunteers Thank You BBQ are underway for 20 July.
  • Bury Transport Museum is working with the Learning Partnership with the focus being on supporting global engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) The company would like to work in partnership with the Museum to develop STEM projects for secondary school students, this is currently under discussion.
  • A review of the Railway’s accessibility has begun. The first ‘Accessibility Meeting’ has taken place and will now continue 4 times per year with key heads of department participating, the next meeting is scheduled for March


  • Safety Team meetings now held on a formal basis with minutes reported to main ELR Board.
  • Trolley Incident – ORR Response to RAIB report recommendations submitted to agreed deadline. The ELR Board discussed and agreed all recommendations and confirmed that proactive steps to improve safety within the Permanent Way team and across the railway were being taken.

Customer Services Assistants

Board approved the proposal to repeat for 2019 two CSA appointments as in 2018, to run from late March to the end of midweek running in September.



Our thanks to our P Way volunteers who battled through some horrendous wintry conditons to complete the installation of new drainage and S&T sorting out the points at Bury North including work in the tunnel. Major excavations have been completed and large quantities of rock have been laid to stabilise the foundations. The drainage has been replaced and the track relaid.


Thanks to Peter Duncan’s team – following on from the network reconfiguration done between Christmas and New Year – progress has been made in connecting the Bury South area (i.e. the Signal Box, the RO’s Office and the S&T Workshop) to the Bolton Street Station’s computer network. This marks the final stage in the segregation of the computer network and the IP phone network.

During March work will be carried out to install CCTV cameras around Baron Street and Buckley Wells.This work will help improve site security.

New cabling has been laid from Castlecroft Shed into and through the Peel Way tunnel, on both sides of the track. This is to enable eventual CCTV network integration for all of the Bolton Street site.

Bury Transport Museum

Education Bookings

Bookings are coming in fast, and promises a busy spring/summer education season. The musuem had enjoyed a number of visits throughout February for ‘Wonderfull Wheels’ and where postive feedback has been recieved.

Fly to the Line UK Glider Championships


During two days in February the museum hosted the North West Regional Finals. Some 150 pupils from 40 schools competed to see who could design and build a glider to then fly the longest distance. The winning glider flew 20 meters (65 feet).

Traction and Rolling Stock

Buckley Wells Site Clearance

Redundant vehicles have had old batteries removed and these have been disposed of, several items of scrap have been sold.

Still a significant amount to do on clearing west side area where storage containers used to be located.

RMB 1880 has now been sold to NYMR. This vehicle is in scrap condition and is air braked only, given railway has 5 RMB’s it was deemed surplus to requirements.

Steam Fleet

13065 Boiler

Work continues on the crab boiler at Riley’s, new boiler barrel sections have been drilled and riveted together, and fitting of dome and other riveted brackets is ongoing. Order for new throat plates, and back head has been placed with Vintage Trains at Tyseley. Lead time for these parts is 6 months.

47324 – Boiler work is ongoing, frames have been measured for alignment and trueness, the frames appear in very good order, with most of axlebox alignment issues being dealt with through machining of the axle boxes.

Piston and valves are out and being cleaned and checked at present, it is estimated that loco will be re- wheeled by April and re-building of motion, brake rigging to commence directly afterwards. Boiler work is anticipated to be complete by late July meaning the loco should be fully re-assembled in September for commissioning.

34092 – passed it’s 14 monthly cold exam and steam test.

42765 -The boiler is progressing, Tyseley have been given the go-ahead to start the backhead and throat plate. The machining jigs for the Axlebox crowns are at an advanced state and the machining of these will commence once the Jinty is re-wheeled.

32 – The loco has received a new reverser weigh shaft bearing and piston and valve packings. The loco will be repainted after the March steam event.

1300/12322/52322 – The loco has passed its cold 14 monthly inspection. The loco goes to the EVR for 6 weeks in May and June.

2890 Douglas – Many repairs to the engine are  required to make it fit for traffic.



After axlebox repairs were completed the loco was tested again a number of times with various issues coming to light. Planned launch for 2nd March. Loco will be availble for March steam gala.





80080 – The engine has run and should be with ELR in the next few weeks.

Carriage & Wagon

RBR 1665 – Most of the glass has been removed in order that split rubber seals could be replaced. 4 of the windows are being replaced due to cracking. 3 out of the 4 metal corners are now rebuilt and one of the gangway ends had all its steel work replaced and both sides have seen the start of the building up paint.

The coach will require some internal re-wiring on the low voltage side. In some areas of the kitchen, wire insulation is missing, with additional works to gangway ends and other tasks, project completion will be delayed until Mid-July 2019. The team is exploring other options for delivering the cream tea product using existing vehicles.

FO 3144 – External work is underway, but 3 pieces of glass are required to make this water tight. There is a small amount of capping to refit and gutter work still to do followed by sanding, filling and painting.

The interior is progressing well with the new panelling fitted and some varnish having been done. The ceiling has received 4 coats of paint. The electrics are also progressing and the majority of the ETH heaters have been rebuilt.

Bogie bolster E B924203 – Now has a new wood  deck fitted and topped with a steel checker plate. This has been bolted down and stich welded on the joints and painted along with the rest of the wagon. It is now ready for exam and once this is complete it will be ready to leave the works.

BG 81341 – Broken glass has been removed and patterns for the new glass has been made. The fixing bars have also been remade and will be fitted once the new glass arrives.

Van wide B783097 – Box van has been repaired and once repainted will be ready for exam.

Repaint of D5054 – Completed by C&W painter Chris Bodell, it has been noted that Chris has done a marvellous job given the difficulties of trying to paint vehicles in winter with temperatures varying daily.

Diesel Traction

Class 24 D5054 has returned to Traffic with a few minor issues, thanks to all involved in getting this ELR diesel stalwart back into service.

Class 26 – 26007 will be visiting ELR from May to September and will take part in both the July and September Diesel Events.

September Diesel Event Change

Due to low amounts of English Electric Traction Available for service during 2019, it has been decided to alter the September theme day to Type 1 – 3 theme day, so up to 8 locomotives can be fielded, rather than 3 or 4 or less of EE locomotives that would be available. The department manager will also seek a timetable upgrade on Sunday and make it a two-day affair with diner.






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