ELR Celebrating 10 Years of Outstanding Success!!


10 Years of Outstanding Performance – Who says So?

Many longstanding Members would be aware of the ‘Locum’ report as it was known which set out a 10 year strategy and was championed by Howard Aitkin a longstanding supporter of the ELR.

Now 10 years on Chris Melia and Greg Hunt the original authors of the report were invited back to assess progress and to provide a report to the ELR Trust Board.

The headlines only confirm what most ELR Members have experienced over that period.

  • Increased number of visitors from 100,000 to 200,000.
  • Increased revenues from £1.4m to £4m.
  • Increased number of working volunteers up from 544 to 800.
  • Increased number of engineering and professional staff from 20 to 50.
  • Increased numbers of education visits from 2,000 to 5,400.
  • Fastest growing heritage railway.
  • 3rd biggest heritage railway by turnover.
  • Santa Specials up from 24,000 to 40,000.
  • Diners up from 3,500 to almost 14,000.
  • Increased support to local economies with over £8.3m gross added value.
  • Value of goods bought up from £1.3 to £2.6m.
  • Gross number of jobs supported in Bury, Rochdale and Rossendale from the ELR’s expenditure and tourism influx up from 74 to 150.
  • 47,000 visitors to Bury Transport museum.

The ELR celebrated its 30th Anniversary in July 2017 and those many thousands of volunteers who are not with us today and those currently volunteering with the ELR can be justly proud of what has been achieved from such humble and precarious beginnings and the many hurdles to overcome along the way.

This independently produced report is a lasting testimony of the value and importance of the ELR to its local communities, it’s  wider tourism and jobs benefits arising from the many hundreds of thousands of visitors to the ELR enjoying a unique glimpse into a bygone era of Britain’s industrial heritage.

Check out the report here –  : http://www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk/downloads/386/east-lancashire-railway-10-year-summary-report-2018.ashx




2 thoughts on “ELR Celebrating 10 Years of Outstanding Success!!

  1. Hi Mike…Now I know the subject of the Rossendale rail link to Manchester via the ELR came up a few years a go and we managed to make it go away. However, it seems to be coming back and on social media it seems that it is going to be the end for the East Lancashire Railway. I hope not. Personally I think if they want the extension to Rossendale they could extend the MetroLink and use the tram/train they have started using in Yorkshire.


    1. Hi Paul
      Yes, some people in Rossendale are getting excited like they did some years ago when two expensive studies comprehensively ruled out a rail link as wholly uneconomical. As I see it the end is ‘not nigh!’ We simply carry on doing what we do best which is running an award winning heritage railway and protect it as a ‘living history’ enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of visitors each year. Keep the faith. Onwards and upwards!


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