City of Well Funding Update (October 2018)

City of Wells Poster-1 Nov 17

As readers of this blog know we launched the funding initiative in November 2017 for the ELR to purchase 34092. The agreement with the owners was to make payment for the loco by the end of 2018.

The current total is £227,000 out of a target of £340,092.

We are still hopeful in getting as close to the target as possible. A 2nd raffle has just been launched (our thanks go to to John Stephens and all who helped raise £16,500 with the 1st raffle). We have the prospect next year to organise a charter trip. Other donations are also expected.

However, as a backstop the ELR has a loan option agreed to bridge the outstanding balance. In effect the City of Wells will be owned by the ELR and will enjoy many many years travelling on the ELR.

Donations are still being welcomed



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