News from the Boardroom-September 2018 (Part 2)


Board Room 1

Board received a positive performance report for August with visitor numbers reaching over 25,000 compared to 20,000 in 2017 a rise of 25% thanks to the Flying Scotsman visit, Sci-fi on the Sidings and Wizard events.

Visitor figures for Bury Transport Museum from January to August 2018 are 32,822 compared to 30,379 for the same period in 2017.

Health and Safety – See Part 1 ‘News from the Boardroom’

Safety  – This review is ongoing and working in unison with the RAIB and ORR investigations following runaway trolley incident.

Wagons – All wagons that are not on a maintenance schedule for examination have been ‘Red Carded’ and therefore shall not be used until an examination has taken place by a

Safety Seminar – The HRA Carriage and Wagon Seminar was held on 10th October,

Armistice Display


The General Manager advised Board that ELR volunteers were supporting Bury Council Archives department on a display which has been created to commemorate the soldiers of the Borough who did not return from the First World War. More than 2,000 photographs have been mounted on luggage labels and will hang on the overbridge for the month leading up to the centenary of Armistice Day. These will be complimented by poppies handcrafted by volunteers. It seems particularly fitting that we should be remembering these soldiers at a station, scene of so many partings over the years.

The display will be in situ during the set up for Halloween, Santa’s, and the decorations team have been working with the museum to co-ordinate timings. A lot of thanks go to the volunteers who have given up considerable time to put together the elements of the display together.

Wedding at the Bury Transport Museum

BTM Great Hall 1

The Museum Hall, with its classic vehicles, made a great background for the party, which numbered over one hundred. There were organisational challenges to meet, both in the days beforehand and then in clearing-up afterwards, but the most important thing was that ‘it was all alright on the night!’

The success of this event – though with some practical lessons to be learned – shows that the Museum Hall can be used as a prestige venue for all sorts of occasions.



The Crab 113065 – Repairs are ongoing. Following requests from some volunteers to return the Crab back to a black colour, the Board discussed the external colour of the Crab and agreed that the Maroon colour and livery had proved to be very popular with visitors and photographers and should not be changed.


80097 – Excellent progress has been made with 80097 by the Standard 4 group, the engine is expected to be in steam and running around the Station at Bury for October Steam gala, with a view to the engine going back into service on light duties for running in i.e. Christmas Diners.

80080 – Following a visit to the Midland Railway Centre they have reported back that the loco is 80% completed but that due to works on the “Duchess of Sutherland” 6233, the standard 4 tank has been postponed.  Work on 6233 is now complete and work has re-commenced on 80080 with the loco expected back by early October.


56006 – Repairs completed and ran in the September gala.

Class 24 – Works has paused due to maintenance exams, safety exams and repairs on other vehicles that are required for service.

207 Thumper Unit – An asbestos survey has been completed and returned negative for contamination. However, suspect areas were identified which have been re-sampled, results are awaited.

Carriage & Wagon

35455 – (Disabled coach 2) Most of the interior works are now completed, exterior painting and varnishing is 95% complete with some touching up to do. The floor in the disabled area requires screeding and a new vinyl flooring laid, this will be done once fold down seats have been fitted to the other end of the coach.

4917 Santa TSO – All steel work and gangways have been refitted, painting works ongoing, re-upholstered seats are due back by mid-October.

25385 – This vehicle has been brought in out of storage for minor repairs to body work and repaint into Maroon for blue and grey. Due to seating on 4917 being delayed we will be a vehicle short for normal service set from mid-October to the start of Santa trains.




11 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom-September 2018 (Part 2)

    1. Hi Paul,

      The figure reported to Board was £227,000. Unfortunately, we lost thousands of pounds which would have increased this figure with the cancellation of the Flying Scotsman charter, ugh!


  1. I believe the volunteers should have the final say on the colour of the Crab. I speak as a volunteer myself, although I wish to remain anonymous. We are the ones who get out of bed at 5am on a freezing cold morning, being pelted with hail and snow, work slavishly all day long and not earn anything for it, other than enjoyment and pleasure. Also, surly we could experiment with the colour of the engine? Try having her in black for a year or so and if it is not working, or visitors aren’t too keen then put her back in red. I just think it is a poor decision, particularly considering black paint has already been applied to some parts of the locomotive.

    Anonymous Volunteer


    1. Hi,
      I am sorry you feel unable to give me your name. All volunteers, going back to those early days, work hard and give their time freely and this very much appreciated.
      The railway in all its forms welcomes around 200,000 visitors each year and 13065 in its maroon colour is considered a standout loco. Indeed 13000 is currently in maroon at the National Railway Museum.
      Overall, it is a judgement call and I respect all views on this matter, but overall we feel leaving this loco in maroon ensures 13065 remains one of the main attractions on the railway.


    1. Hi Paul,

      We are still hopeful in getting as close to the target as possible. We have launched a second raffle and have the prospect next year to organise a charter trip. Other donations are expected. However, as a backstop the ELR has a loan option agreed to bridge the outstanding balance. In effect the City of Wells will enjoy many many years at the ELR.

      Donations are still welcomed


      1. Hi Mike
        Thank you for your answer which is the kind of answer regarding City Of Wells I was looking for. I would have told you personally if I had seen you at the ELR Steam Gala over the weekend that as a member of the East Lancashire Railway and someone who already donates on a monthly basis for 34092…I think we have raised so much already and even if we have to “break the bank” we should make sure City Of Wells has a permanent home at the East Lancs.


  2. Hi Mike, always curious to why the full line is never used for the Halloween or Santa specials ?.. surely from a commercial point of view you could increase prices slightly if the Heywood section was included .. but I’ll be on both again this year!.. secondly any news updates on the Castleton extension? All gone quiet on that front


    1. Hi Jonathan
      Its a simple matter of logistics in organsing the maximum number trains we can run per day. There is a popular shuttle which runs from Heywood to Bury on Santa Specials.
      As for Castleton the feasibility study has been delayed. I will give updates as new info becomes availble.
      Thank you for supporting the ELR. Mike


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