News from the Boardroom-September 2018 (Part 1)

Board Room 1

This month’s Board meeting was split into two distinct parts.

  1. Strengthening of Safety Procedures and supporting roles.
  2. Normal Business.

Part 1

The safety and welfare of our volunteers, paid staff and customers has and always will be our top priority. The ongoing challenge for Board is to look for ways to strengthen ELR policies and procedures to manage both continued growth but also to have a stronger and consistent reporting and recording processes in each department.

The ELR Board recently commissioned a high level Safety Audit and Board have now agreed to make a number of important changes to strengthen structures, high level reporting and recording of competencies. To progress these changes two new posts of Head of Safety and a Head of Operations to support the General Manager and with access to the Board. Other voluntary support posts will be added to ensure we have an ongoing and proactive safety and competency management regime.

In addition a new, centrally administered, computerised risk assessment and competency recording regime will be introduced for key safety critical areas along with investing in targeted training programmes.

As with all things safety we can always do better and with these agreed changes the ELR’s proud safety record of can be further assured. Further updates will be provided as people take up these posts.

Remember – Safety on the East Lancashire Railway is everyone’s responsibility.

Barrow Crossing Bolton Street – The Board spent £5,000 on a new crossing which was recently installed by our P Way team. Repairs to Barrow Crossing - 3 Oct 2018







2 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom-September 2018 (Part 1)

  1. I wonder Mr Kelly if you clarify if the two new posts that you allude to. Will they report to the Director of operations who in the past has had H & S and operations under his remit. Or the GM?


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