13065 (The Crab) Update


I visited Ian Riley and Son on 4th September to get an update on repairs to the crab’s boiler. Riley’s have 5 staff working on the boiler repairs.

The NDT survey and an examination have been successfully completed.  By necessity the work to the boiler has expanded to now include a new front boiler tube and a front tube plate.

Inspections have also revealed that the front tube plate radius on Left and Right-hand side around the ten and two o’clock positions have suffered from corrosion and cracking, the cracking has been welded previously but again re-appeared around the weld.  Also, between the front tube plate and the front barrel interface wastage on front boiler barrel plate work is quite extensive.


As a result of this it is necessary to replace 250 + stays and manufacture a new front tube plate and front barrel section.  There is also a lot of mechanical works – a lot of which is being done ‘in house’ to keep overall costs to a minimum.

Overall the total external costs and materials will be around £150,000 at this stage.

Boiler work expected to be complete for Easter 2019 and the locomotive, hopefully, returning to service by summer 2019.

The Crab 1



4 thoughts on “13065 (The Crab) Update

      1. Hi Mike , i respect your opinion too.. is there any plans to put it in black ?.. does the board decide on the livery?


      2. Hi Jonny,

        The Board have a view and supports the maroon livery but hopefull we can reach a broad concensus. I was reliably informed that of the 246 locos built the first 100 were in the maroon livery. Indeed 13000 which is at the NRM is its maroon livery. Mike


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