Seminars on the ELR & BBQ Success!

HRA LogoPlease check out the latest newsletter from the Heritage Rail Association. Two articles announce seminars at the ELR.

  • September – HRA youth Day
  • October – Carriage Maintenance on Mark I’s


ELR Barbeque

Our very first  ELR barbeque was held to acknowledge the great work of our volunteers. The event was an outstanding success where  over 220 volunteers and their partners enjoyed a lovely summer evening (until the rain arrived). Lots of positive feedback where working volunteers appreciated meeting other volunteers to share experiences and make connections, something which can be hard to do as we are so spread out.

We hope this will become an annual event. More feedback positive or not positive would be welcomed to help us improve on this first effort.

Our thanks go to Nicola Rooney and the other helpers who made this event so special. I have set Nicola a challenge next year to make sure all the sausages get used up!

Some Feedback

A big thank you to all the team for hosting a splendid bbq last night. It was a great chance to catch up with volunteers in other departments and the choice of foods & salads was brilliant. I hope the event was considered a great success and once again, many thanks.”

” Thanks very much for last night’s event. I (& I know many others) enjoyed this very much. The food & drink was great (almost too great – very tempting!!). The atmosphere was good (despite the rain later), and it was good to see so many other volunteers there – many I have never seen before. 

It was good to meet old friends, plus a number of others that I only see occasionally in passing. Overall it showed what a big organisation we now have – especially as many others were unable to attend (or were still working – eg on the Diner).  

Hopefully something similar (or slightly more modest?) next year? (Incidentally, a couple of people said to me they would have been more than willing to pay something toward the cost – or maybe pay a modest amount for the drinks etc).”




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