News from the Boardroom (July 2018)

Board Room 1

As the hot summer continues, operationally, this has impacted on the ELR with the risk of line side fires, several of which had to be attended by the fire brigade. As a result, Board were advised that steam services were suspended for several days in July. Fire control measures are currently set at level 1 and under constant review. Board paid tribute to the engineering team who worked flat out over 10 days to fabricate and fit spark guards to ash pans and spark arrestors to reduce spark emissions. Thanks were also given to the Diesel department who stepped into ensure there was no disruption to services.

13065 (Crab)

  • Work on the pony truck is proceeding, frame painting and component strip exam and repair ongoing.
  • Tubes removed and boiler has been NDT tested and examined. Boiler condition is generally good, NDT report awaited.
  • It is likely the costs of repairs will rise further.

Diesel Update

D5054 – Traction motors are being refitted.

Carriage & Wagon

35455 – Second wheel chair coach – Exterior of coach has been glossed.

Finances – June traditionally a quiet month with no major events.

No requests for revenue.

Visitors – Visitors Numbers – Year to June, 80,000 up 19% on 2017 (excluding BTM; Groups; Education; Rail Trail; FXP Photography; Courses and Charters.

Pubs – The Trackside and Buffer Stops have benefitted from the long period of warm weather an the World Cup. Revenues at the Trackside and Buffer Stops for June are up 26% compared to 2017.

Diners – Revenues up by 21% on 2017

Dining with Distinction still No.1 on Trip Advisor in Bury and across Greater Manchester (5,300) restaurants


Santa Specials – Tickets now on sale.










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