News from the Boardroom (May 2018)

Board Room 1

Buckley Wells – The Board were presented with an update on progress.

The ELR has one of the largest locomotive, carriage and wagon maintenance, repair and restoration sites of any UK heritage railway. Within the site is the Grade 2 listed 1856 works building.

The successful development of Buckley Wells is central to managing current and future growth in services. It is vital now to develop a Master Plan that ‘future proofs’ the site to meet ELR needs over future decades, within the context of growth, the Castleton Extension and developments along the whole route.

Work has commenced in digitally mapping the whole site and a 2d layout will be created where existing and new buildings will be identified for discussion in the Review Group.

To prepare the site for new buildings, relocation of containers and a tidy up of the site is required. This work will include the creation of a new Container Park.  Discussions are ongoing with traction and rolling stock owners to ensure there is a smooth relocation which should be completed this autumn.

Safety Issues – Board received an update from Green Dragon Rail on the progress of the safety audit. The Board welcomed the update and would receive an interim report in due course.

City of Wells – Board were advised that two significant contribution had been received which has propelled the running total to over £210,000.

Investments – Board agreed to fund:

  • Bolton Street Roof Repairs £15,000
  • Baron Street – Fire Alarm Upgrade £5,000
  • Buckley Wells – Relocation of Containers £10,000
  • Diner Kitchen Carriage – Replacement Oven £5,000

Board received a progress report on Traction and Rolling Stock

Steam Locomotives

  • 80080 – Boiler has passed steam test. Progress has been delayed on the mechanical side due to ELR engineers working on the Crab.
  • 80097 – Passed boiler inspection and lagging and cladding of boiler commenced.
  • 13065: Failed due to split flue tubes.
  • 34092: City of Wells is also running well with one return trip missed due to steam crew knocking Firehole ring into firebox.
  • 52322: Due back in mid-September.
  • 32: Operated at Thomas.


  • 47324 (Jinty): Boiler contract business case deffered due to the failure of the Crab. Work is has started on the axlebox crowns.
  • 92134: Departed to NYMR for restoration.

Diesel Traction

  • D1501 Repaired
  • Class 24 D5054 has only been progressed slightly due to other work commitments with fleet exams and provision of vehicles for service.

Coaching Stock

  • Brake 35455 – Conversion to wheel chair coach.
  • 4917 – Santa TSO coach, requires exterior body repairs and repaint and re-upholstery of seats, also welding repairs to vehicle solebars and brake system overhaul.
  • Repairs to ETH heater are ongoing after damage caused during asbestos removal, exterior plate work to complete on centre doors. Vehicle may require re-lifting to re-wire ETH heaters as cables were damaged during stripping process.


  • Visitors Numbers – Year to April 32,000 up 7% (excluding BTM; Groups; Education; Rail Trail; FXP Photography; Courses and Charters.




7 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom (May 2018)

  1. A question for Mike Kelly,
    Do you have a sexual discriminations policy and how do you inforce it please as I have a concern that there is a case to answer in your organisation.
    Many thanks in anticipation.


  2. Dear Mr Kelly…I’ve wrote to you twice and had no reply….I was accused of braking health and safety regulations and Garth Aspin and Allen Smith went to the office and told them I was smelling of drink and not fit to I am teetotal this is slander….I would like an end to this bad experience..and asking why the office took the side of Garth Aspin and Allen Smith….I’m trying to ask what has happened to the two people that accused me of smelling of drink and not fit to work….but there is no comment….I would like my out of pocket expenses back for last year…uniform.petrol..ECT…as I am only on a small pension..please forward these expenses to me…and consider the case closed…Jennifer jamieson


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