News – Loco 13065 (the crab) failure


Crab Failure – 13065

The absence of the Crab in recent weeks has resulted in lots of questions to me and others. Unfortunately, this popular loco has been taken out of service for the rest of 2018.

Two flue tubes on 13065 have been found to be leaking during a routine washout. The flues have cracked just inside the water space next to the tube plate in the smoke box. As the flues have only done 4 years on its ticket, the failure is unexpected.  It’s not possible to simply replace these two tubes as there is a significant chance other tubes may fail.

The estimated costs for works to repair the loco with new flues, tubes, small tubes, new elements and a small amount of mechanical work is over £60,000, plus any additional works that are identified.  That leaves the locos with 6 years left to run on the ticket.  Option A. 

To get a 10 ticket year completed will cost and additional £31,000 (estimated) with a total cost of over £91,000.  By going for this option we would be able to avoid the Crab and City of Wells coming out of ticket at the same time. 10 years left to run on ticket.  Option B. 

The Board felt on balance that Option B was the better option to go for the future. The work is expected, subject to procurement of parts), to take until the end of December 2018 but that may change depending  on other areas needing attention.

The Board agreed to support option B.



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