News from the Boardroom (April 2018)

Board Room 1

Safety Issues

Board heard and discussed a number of ongoing safety related issues.

Ramsbottom Gates – A progress report S&T was presented. Whilst there is a new temporary safety regime in place (new clasps manually lock one set of the gates) to ensure the gates are closed a more permanent solution is being developed. By August it is hoped road stop blocks can be re-installed. In addition, a regular maintenance regime has been introduced to make turning the wheel in the signal box easier.

Ramsbottom – Runaway Trolley – Board were given an update concerning the incident which saw a trolley run away loaded with ballast and collided with the level cross gates at Ramsbottom. An RAIB investigation is underway.

As a result, a full audit of trolleys was undertaken and the use of trolleys immediately curtailed. Training sessions have been held with P Way volunteers, more are planned.

Board agreed to engage an external independent company to conduct a review of the ELR’s safety regimes and develop an action for Board.



  • * Visitor numbers are running ahead of 2017. In the period Jan-March there were 20,273 visitors compared to 13,382 in 2017 (excluding BTM, Groups, Education, Real Ale Trail, FXP, Photography Courses and Charters).
  • * Diners continue to break records with sales up 28% on 2017.
  • * City of Wells – we have secured over £73,000 through public funds (Board thanked John Stephens for his herculean efforts in selling raffle tickets).
  • We need working volunteers to help sell raffle tickets on trains at the weekend- Contact our General Manager if interested.





  • * FXP – running at 76% occupancy compared with 69% for 2017.


  • Wizard Academy – ran with 98% occupancy.
  • Princess Academy – ran with 57% occupancy.

Press Activity

Increasingly, thanks to Kate and Chris, the marketing of the ELR plays a central part in ticket sales and promotion of events. Some statistics have been produced for Board covering March.

There were 144 press insertions reaching potentially over 35 million people.

  • Broadcast – ITV News Granada; BBC Radio Lancashire and Radio Manchester.
  • National Print – Daily Express.
  • National on-line press – Express Online
  • Regional Print – MEN; Bury Times; Rossendale Free Press; Accrington Observer; Heywood Adviser; Radcliffe Times.
  • Regional on-line – MEN; Lancashire Life; Telegraph and VIVA Manchester.



2 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom (April 2018)

  1. Under the comments regarding the stirling work of the marketing team. Volunteers also assist in taking marketing material of forthcoming events to other venues,libraries, national railway stations,Council buildings etc. As we approach the 19th 1940’s event leaflets are being distributed at other 1940’s events in the North West.


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