Buckley Wells Progress Report

Buckley Wells 1

Buckley Wells Rail Depot and Workshops have been and still are a key strategic asset for the ELR. To ensure we get the best use of all the facilities a Review Group has been set up by the ELR Board and is chaired by Roy Chapman our Director of Development (back right). Graham Thornton has recently joined the group as the new Traction & Rolling Stock Director.

Group 1

The group have been tasked with developing a Master Plan covering:

  • Making the whole Buckley Wells site fit for purpose well into the future.
  • Develop state of the art loco, carriage and wagon workshops that can support current and future steam, diesel, operational and restoration demands.
  • Develop state of the art storage  for existing and any additional traction, carriage and wagon assets starting with Diner Carriages.
  • Identify realistic funding opportunities, in particular the restoration of Baron Street workshops.
  • Improve workforce site facilities.
  • Buckley Wells Master plan to be aligned to a new ELR Trust strategy covering the period 2019-2029.

To progress these tasks, the review group identified three work streams:

Work Stream 1 – Site Management

  • Survey of existing assets in particular containers, various components and health, safety consider and environmental condition of the site.
  • Establish operational zones to be managed by nominated departments/groups who would be responsible to the General Manager.


Overall, a site survey (all assets identified) has been completed and a project plan is being prepared to create a Container Park where all 19 containers would be located in one place and have access to power. There will be consultation with all site users on the project plan.

It is planned to completed this work stream by the Autumn.

A budget for a clean up and transferring containers and new power supply will be discussed at the next ELR Board meeting.

Work Stream 2 – Architectural Challenge

It is imperative to identify the whole of the current layout of Buckley Wells via the use of the latest digital mapping software. This will allow the review group to look at various operational layouts to ensure any decision about what goes where is informed and to identify priorities.

  • Tri Cad Topographical digitally mapping survey of the whole Buckley Wells site.
  • Develop 2D Cad drawings of existing and proposed new storage facilities.
  • Measured survey works covering Baron Street Workshops.
  • Agreed final layout of new buildings up to Building Regulations.

Work Stream 3 – Funding Models

  • Initial development costs.
  • Estimates/loan options for new build storage facilities, starting with Diners.
  • Grant funding opportunities for renovation of Baron Street Workshops.
  • Public funding/donation opportunities.

Progress up to April 2018

The ELR Board, at their meeting in April, agreed a budget of £9,000 to pay for Tri CAD survey and  creation of 2D Cad Cam drawings.









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