Rawtenstall gets the Green Light!!

Abandonment to Renaissance

The ELR has achieved another important historical  milestone in the restoration of Rawtenstall Station by securing Planning Permission for their ambitious £600,000 development. From dereliction in the 1970’s; resurrection in the 1990’s to construction of state of the art facilities at Rawtenstall Station and its environs in the 2020’s.

Living History

The power,  popularity and presence of the East Lancs Railway is growing year by year, attracting many hundreds of thousands of visitors wanting to experience and enjoy a unique and fun day out. Like other stations along the line, preserving the feel and look of heritage can be seen in our desire to recreate the original Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway architecture.


Realistically, we can’t get this project off the ground overnight. It will need considerable public support through financial donations, potentially making grant applications where we can convince donors of the importance in the renaissance of this part of the town.

The project will be undertaken in several phases, including:

Phase 1-Platform Canopy

The erection of an ‘L’ shaped canopy to existing station buildings.

Phase 2-New Station Building

Construction of a 37 metre fully accessible building, accommodating a café, kitchen, activity/community room, tourist information centre, toilet and baby changing facilities.

Phase 3-Completion of Canopy

Spanning entire length and width of the new station buildings.

Phase 4-Alterations to Existing Station Building

The expansion of Buffer Stops Bar and relocation of current toilet facilities.

Phase 5-New Station Forecourt.

The attractive remodelling of existing outside space, including landscaping, sheltered cycle stands and picnic areas.


If funding of around ££40,000 could be secured, Phase 1 could be completed later in 2018, early 2019.

The launch of a public funding programme will be take place early in 2018.








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