News from the Boardroom (November 2017)

Board Room 1

The ELR Board were advised on the performance on a number of issues.


  • Halloween – whilst visitor numbers were down 9%, revenue was up 7% on 2016. Overall customer experience showed that 95% of visitors stated the event was good/excellent and would come again.
  • Tornado – sales for the Tornado for Easter  next spring are now on sale with 2,600 tickets already sold.
  • Autumn Steam Gala – showed a 40% increase in passengers compared with the 2015 event.
  • Wizards – October School of Wizardry event- Sold out.
  • Dining with Distinction – Diners continue to out perform over 2016 and are still number 1 on Trip Adviser in Bury and across Greater Manchester. DwD won an award at the Made in Bury Business Awards in the ‘Food and Drink’ category and shortlisted in the Lancashire Tourism Awards.
  • Santa Specials – are running at around 90% occupancy.
  • Financially – as expected, we couldn’t match revenues boosted by the Flying Scotsman and the resultant surplus made in 2016. For 2017, we are going to make a significant six figure loss. As a result, it will be essential to keep a tight control of our expenditure in 2018 and where there will be limited funds available for any capital projects.
  • Visitor numbers – compared to 2015 (without the Scotsman effect) we are up by around 8%.

Thanks to all our fabulous staff and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication in supporting all our events.

Safety Policy

Following a number of recent incidents, Board agreed to re-issue ELR’s Policy Statement and an Environment Statement to all departments.

Director of Traction and Rolling Stock

It is with regret that I advise that from the end of February 2018, Josh Bowmaker will be standing down from the Board.




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