News from the Boardroom (October 2017)

Board Room 1

The ELR Board were advised on the performance on a number of recent events.

Events Performance

  • The final Day out with Thomas proved successful despite the poor weather where there was a 2% increase in visitors on 2016.
  • We hosted two Children’s parties in October. More are planned foe next year.
  • Diners continue to out perform over 2016 and are still number 1 on Trip Adviser in Bury and across Greater Manchester.
  • FXP’s sold out for 2017
  • Diesel Gala, visitor numbers down 5% on 2016

Thanks to all our fabulous staff and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.

Visitor numbers showing a 16% decrease on 2016.

The Board were updated on the upgrade to Ramsbottom Barrier GatesRamsbottom Barriers.

The ELR Board have confirmed they want to retain these heritage style gates.

The level crossing lies at a low point on Bridge Street.  As a result, the mechanism and gate stops are subject to excessive surface water runoff, periodic flooding and silt deposit, leading to increased wear and other associated problems.

To improve the performance of the barriers S&T are developing  a means of power working, based on hydraulic operation similar to that employed on “clamp-lock” points such as the one installed at the south end of Ramsbottom Station.

The necessary electrical design for the trial has been undertaken, materials sourced and a location case fitted out, housing the batteries, charger and control relays etc.  This has been connected to a clamp-lock hydraulic power pack in order to operate the rams. 

An initial mechanical design has also been undertaken, allowing components for the trial to be fabricated.  The design has been amended as necessary, as the trial has progressed. 

Buckley Wells Review Group

Group 1

Buckley Wells is of huge strategic importance to the future success of the railway. There are many competing demands on the site both operationally and commercially. We also need to consider the impact of developments at Castleton and the Rawtenstall will have on the future use of the site.

Roy Chapman (Back right) with some of the group, is Chairing this group which will be looking at all aspects of developing the site and restotaion of the Baron Street Workshop.











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