Horncliffe & Castlecroft Works

Horncliffe Works

Horncliffe – Readers of this blog will know that a significant part the embankment at Horncliffe was lost in the floods of Boxing Day 2015, which resulted in the introduction of a 10mph speed limit. Now, some 18 months later and after navigating through a lot of frustrating bureaucracy, work to reinstate the lost embankment and footpath was finally completed on the 31 July. The top layer of big stones is where the original boundary wall was before it was swept away. My thanks go to Richard Law our Director of Operations, Health and Safety who lead the discussions and negotiations with the Environmental Agency and Lancashire County Council. The speed limit has now been reinstated to 25mph.

Castlecroft Shed


Following a donation of £15,000 from ELRPS, work by our fantastic P Way Team is nearing completion in putting in a proper concrete floor for three roads. The whole building is to be cleaned internally by a specialist contractor. The outside will also be tidied up with a pit being installed for working on restoration of vehicles from the Bury Transport Museum.





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