News from the Boardroom (June 2017)

RawteRawtenstall Stationnstall Station Development – Our grateful thanks go to the ELR Trust Board, who recently made an award of £30,000 to cover the costs of professional fees covering Architects; Structural Engineers and Planning Consultant.

It’s likely our plans for the new building and canopy should be submitted to Rossendale Council within a couple of weeks. More details soon on the blog.


BR Mk1 First Class Compartment Dual Heated Brake Coach – Board agreed to purchase this vehicle. This purchase is seen as a good investment in our rolling stock.

Revenue/Expenditure – Overall the position is positive, but as expected, not quite as good as 2016 (Scotsman effect). Board heard that plans are well advanced to introduce departmental budgets from 2018. This will allow, for the first time, Heads of Departments to control their expenditure within agreed parameters.

Commercial – Event Income is holding up well as is our catering, in particular our Dining with Distinction services. The current generator used on the Diner broke down several times whilst in service recently. Board agreed to replace at a cost up to £20,000.

Horncliffe – Board received an optimistic progress report which indicated that most of the legal/environmental issues have been resolved. Hopefully, works will commence in July/August.

Refurbishment of Castlecroft Shed.

Board received a progress report, where the scope is as follows-

  • Removal of any asbestos contamination
  • Remove all the internal track, scrape the floor, replace all wooden sleepers with concrete alternatives, replace the track, then concrete the floor
  • Clean the inside of the shed and paint where necessary
  • Complete full rewire including installation of modern and effective lighting
  • Installation of a working fire exit
  • Repairs to outside track if required





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