News from the Boardroom – March 2017

Board Room 1

The Board agenda was a lot less this month.

ICT Update – Just to recap, the Board agreed a budget of £30,000 to upgrade and modernise our ICT infrastructure across the railway.

As the organisation grows, so does the demand for improved communications both internally between departments and externally through our many visitors and external partners.

Work is ongoing, including:

  • New and cabling upgrades
  • Improved network security/reliability
  • Improved internal network connectivity
  • Improved router compatibility
  • Public Wi-Fi – Heywood operational/Trackside live soon
  • New electronic tills Trackside and Buffer Stops
  • Upgraded Credit-Card machines, more secure
  • Digital phones
  • Web Cam – Bury, Bolton Street – planned

Robert Bulman is setting up an ICT volunteer support team


  • Spring Diesel Gala – 15% increase in attendance on 2016 figures
  • Steam Gala – Revenue 40% up from 2016
  • Wizards Express – New event sold out
  • Sci-Fi on the Sidings – Extra train needed to meet visitor demand
  • Dining with Distinction – Sold 75% of the total available seats for 2017

50th Anniversary of the last steam train – 11 August 1968. The ELR, like many other heritage railways, are considering how best to record this sad but historic milestone which ended hundreds of years of steam travel in the UK.

Board are asking for any ideas? low cost ones please!

Heywood Station – New £20,000 Play Area and the ELR revamped Catering Coach will be opened by Peter Rush, Chair of the Heywood Township on Good Friday (14th April).

Footplate Experience – It is worth noting that a recent FXP was crewed by Robin Richards, Driver; John Bradshaw, Fireman and John Anderson, Cleaner who have a combined age of 217. Well done to the ‘Oldies’ and thanks for their continuing support.



One thought on “News from the Boardroom – March 2017

  1. End of steam commemorative trains, run at least one green diesel, 40106. Adorn a train with chalk marks on the smokebox door like we did in 1993,preferably a black loco if we have one. Ask members for any photos they have of August 68 and do a display in the transport museum. Try and find suitable period vehicles, ask Phil the Pearl owner if he is free to take an engine down to Bolton street, or Rammy. Ask local people for any memories they have of the end of steam.
    Possibly turn the weekend back to the sixties weekend we used to have.
    If City of Wells is with us use that to recreate last days of the Southern, again with chalk adornments etc, tears on the smokebox, etc, etc.


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