News from the Boardroom (2) Feb 2017

Board Room 1

30th Anniversary Celebrations-Reopening of Railway – 25th July 1987

The closure of the line must have felt like a slow death. Interestingly, some lines were closed even before Dr Beeching’s hatchet was deployed. What was the timeline for the various closures?

  • Bury to Holcombe Brook, line closed to passengers: 5 May 1952
  • Bury to Holcombe Brook, line closed to freight: 17 August 1963
  • Stubbins to Accrington closed: 3 December 1966
  • Rawtenstall to Bacup closed: 3 December 1966
  • Bolton Street Trinity Street to Rochdale closed to passengers: 5 October 1970
  • Stubbins to Haslingden preservation attempt by ELRPS abandoned: Spring 1972
  • ELRP relocates to Castlecroft Goods Warehouse, Bury: Spring 1972
  • Bury to Rawtenstall closed to passengers: 3 June 1972
  • Bury Bolton Street station closed to passengers: 14 March 1980
  • Rawtenstall to Heywood closed to freight: 5 December 1980
  • ‘The Rossendale Farewell’ tour runs from Heywood to Rawtenstall: 14 February 1981
  • ‘ELR Phoenix’ tours run between Bury and Rawtenstall: 27 March 1982
  • BURY to RAMSBOTTON REOPENED by ELR: 25 July 1987

Note: This information came from Andy Coward’s excellent book ‘Back in Time 1987-1999′ still on sale at the ELR Bolton Street shop.

This July, quite rightly, we celebrate that momentous day when the line re-opened. I asked ELRPS members for their suggestions on how we could mark the day. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with suggestions for the Board to consider.

The ELR Board have agreed to:

  • Commission a 30th Anniversary Poster
  • Run a Free Train and free drink for working members (similar to Flying Scotsman event)
  • Provide Buffet lunch for original ‘Pioneers’ on the Observation Coach
  • Utilise Radio Amateurs offer to broadcast from station
  • Commission anniversary real ale
  • Small photo exhibition of early challenges for Pioneers at Bury Transport Museum
  • Commission a video of events
  • Invite Sir William McAlpine as Guest of Honour

Note: There may be other elements added. The Buffet lunch to take place on the anniversary of the reopening- Tuesday 25th July 2017.

Watch out for more information as we get closer to July.



2 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom (2) Feb 2017

  1. Hi Mike,

    Hopefully this gets to you. Please would you acknowledge if it does.

    I would like to make a couple of comments.

    Firstly the Steam gala was an excellent event. Worth driving a 187 miles. With our caravan to attend! Stayed on Burrs Country Park site. We live in north of Bath, and I am a member of the VOB, as well as the ELR

    Firstly, it was not made clear that occupants of the caravan site could get a return to Bury for £5.00 It appeared that they had to buy a steam gala ticket. You just need to clarify the situation!

    Secondly, on Sunday from about 14.00 for an hour or so, a number of local children were playing on the Burrs Country park station platform on their scooters, skate boards and bikes!

    These comments are not a complaint, just trying to make ‘our’ railway the very, very best.

    Paul Robins

    Sent from my iPad



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