News from the Boardroom – Feb 2017

Board Room 1

 General Manager Recruitment – There were 44 enquiries from which 24 applications were received. Shortlisting is on the 3rd March and interviews will be on the 21st March.

Diner Carriage Restorationelrps-council-23-feb-2017

Our grateful thanks go to ELRPS who have donated £35,000 to help restore the recently purchased Riviera coach.

Over the period 2002-to date  the Society have donated over £300,000 to assist with important restoration projects which otherwise possibly may  not have gone ahead.

Bury Transport Museum

elr-board-24-feb-2017Sarah Kerrison and Gill Johnson presented a 5 year development plan was discussed covering:

·       Museum Accreditation

·       Access – Improve access for a wider range of visitors.

·       Storage – Ensure exhibits storage is documented, secure and practical.

·       Education Suite/Café – Improve facilities for visitors and school groups.

·       Maintenance & Restoration – Improve Rotation policy, refreshment of displays; relocation from Fernhill and improve workshop facilities.

The Board wholeheartedly agreed to support the application for Museum Accreditation. In addition, the relocation of Bus restoration facilities from Fernhill will be further discussed at a future Board meeting.

Burrs Country Park Station

Stopping with over length trains as part of service scheduled services  at Burrs has been a hot topic over recent weeks. Board received a full risk assessment of the operation. The activities risk assessed covered:

·       Dining with Distinction

·       Children’s Activity Events

The Board were satisfied that all appropriate actions have been identified and put in place to ensure a safe operation. The position will be kept under constant review and formally reviewed at the 2018 Planning meeting later this year.




4 thoughts on “News from the Boardroom – Feb 2017

  1. I do hope your storage of exhibits at the museum is improved. I donated two Wedgwood transport related commemorative tankards 22nd June 2016, never heard if they had been securely stored or documented, even after numerous emails.


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