A Quiet February?

February is traditionally a quiet time for services. However, work continues behind the scenes.



Work has begun to make improvements to the interior with more work scheduled to reinstate stalled seating and install two new electronic tills to reduce queuing. Work will begin shortly to sort out the drainage problems with the toilets. This work will require excavating into the car park to access the main sewer.




FXP – now fully operational. Our thanks go to the P Way team and Simon Riley for erecting and fitting out works. This facility will also be used as a Buffet on event days.

Trees – if you have travelled on the railway recently, you will see a great deal of tree felling and flailing works have been successfully carried out. Our thanks go to the P Way team.

Burrs Country Park Station – Check out this lovely comment from a regular visitor to the Caravan Site:

“As regular visitors to Burs County Park Caravan Club site. Instead of our usual one trip on the railway in two weeks we went the length of the line and in to Bury Market on four occasions. We enjoyed the lovely Irwell Brewery bar and had no concerns about having to drive home. The new Station is a wonderful innovation and will boost rail use and Caravan Club site occupancy rates. Well done and thank you ELR”.

BBC Radio Lancashire

img_3821I spent a pleasant hour with John Gilmore on his afternoon show talking about the ELR’s success in 2016.

It was an opportunity to both promote the railway and also celebrate the work of our wonderful volunteers. I left John a copy of Andy Coward’s brilliant book ‘Back in Time: 1987-1999, still available to buy in the station shop at Bolton Street.


Santa – Pasty & Peas Event

It was a great to see so many working volunteers attending. The Company wanted to just say thank you for the hard work everyone put in over this crucial period for the railway in terms of revenue which again grossed over £500,000. Well done to Gerald Atherton, event organiser and his team.

Diesel Gala Weekend


Well done to Rory Lushman event organiser and his helpers for putting on a great event.

Revenue was up 28% compared with the 2016 Gale weekend.



Wedding Poster


Our thanks go to Kate Walker our Marketing Manager for designing this wonderfully atmospheric poster to promote our Weddings package.

HeadLines – Check the February Edition – http://www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk/downloads/274/elr-headlines-february-2017.ashx

I am not so sure February was that quiet after all!!




4 thoughts on “A Quiet February?

    1. Hi David

      Horncliffe has proved to be very frustrating in securing a satisfactory long term solution. What I can say is that by the end of March, early April I can announce a solution which is agreeable to the ELR. Mike


  1. As always good upto date information always enjoy our visits next one is 6th may Peterhead is a bit far for weekly visits,you may remember my wife and I from Scotsman weekend last October we met outside trackside


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