News from the Boardroom Jan 2017

Board Room 1

After a great Christmas season the Directors are now focused on taking forward plans which strengthen the railway operationally and financially. Its clear 2016 was a record breaker and our achievements in 2017 are unlikely to surpass the level of visitor numbers and revenue income. Never the less we have an exciting range of events and galas for us to enjoy.

The Directors agreed the following requests for finance.

Traction & Rolling Stock – Following extensive consultation by our T&RS Director Josh Bowmaker a number of staffing changes were agreed. The revenue budget will be increased by £50,000.

The changes include Lee Kenny becoming the T&RS Production & Planning Manager; a C&W employee becoming the Carriage & Wagon Foreman. Two, additional, Steam Loco Fitters and a Joiner (fixed Term) for carriage and wagon.

Trackside – Most of us who have been in the Trackside over recent months will know that its revamp hasn’t quite hit the mark in terms of layout and ambience.  An approach was made to Interior Design experts who have made a number of suggestions. Whilst a lot of the work can be done internally a budget of £6,000 was approved.

Buffer Stops – Some investment is now needed to freshen up the décor. Works will concentrate on decoration, lighting and storage. A budget of £3,000 was approved.

Dining Train – The existing hob is proving to be unreliable. Given our commitment to the service and record levels of advanced sales the Board agreed to replace by installing a new industrial type hob and oven to meet increasing demand. A budget of £6,200 was approved.

Ramsbottom Gates

Examination of installing a power solution for the gates continues where S&T are looking at a Clamp Lock Points Hydraulics, and standard circuitry solution. However, work is to commence with replacing gate heels, gate tops and road stops to improve the operation of the gates and in readiness for installation of a power solution. A budget of £4,500 was approved for this work.

7 Day Running

Ever since I took over as ELR Chairman I have been constantly asked about the Company’s policy on developing a 7 day running operation. I can now confirm what the definitive position is.

For the foreseeable future there are no plans to introduce 7 days running. Given how stretched we are operationally to support the current level of services and events it’s simply not practical or feasible to introduce 7 day running.



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