Bury Transport Museum – Another Record Year!!

traction-enginesDuring much of 2016 we enjoyed breaking a multitude of records and received a great many accolades across the ELR. However in this blog I want to congratulate and pay tribute our great volunteers and staff who manage the Bury Transport Museum who, during 2016, continued its remarkable journey since its opening in 2010.

Visitor Numbers:group-of-children-2

2010 – 12,800; 2011 – 22,000; 2012 – 25, 600

2013 – 33,200; 2014 – 37,100; 2015 – 44,000

2016 – 47,000

bury-light-night-hot-air-balloonThe BTM is unique in the North West as it focuses displays on the areas  connected by the ELR (Bury, Rochdale and Rossendale) ensuring these local communities have many instant reference points whenever they make a visit.

The remarkable increase is due in part to internal promotion of the museum by our ELR volunteers and staff along with the policy of free entry with full line return ticket; increasing diversity of quality events; range of unique exhibits; lots of interactive displays; importance of education with increasing number of visits by schools on the ‘Evacuee’ and ‘Wheels’ programmes.

Well done to everyone concerned with making Bury Transport Museums fantastic achievements.



2 thoughts on “Bury Transport Museum – Another Record Year!!

  1. Hi Mike,

    I have very little for the Museum to go into the ELR NEWS, just 5 pages.

    This piece is just right but I cannot copy it off your Blog. I thought I would be able to do so.

    Can you send it me as a pdf please?

    Daid F



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