News from The Boardroom-September 2016 (2)


Board Room 1

 Horncliffe – I’m afraid there is a further delay as the Environment Agency have changed the original arrangements whereby they were doing the rebuilding of the embankment. A contractor has now been appointed and we are liaising with them. Unfortunately the costs have gone up by a further £10,000 from £36,000 to £46,000. LCC have added a further £5,000, making their up to £23,000. The ELR Trust Board have donated a further £5,000. It is hoped works will commence in a few weeks.


Thomas Event – 6-7 August. Nearly 4,000 visitors came, which was down on the previous year by 9%. This appears to be  a trend nationally. We are looking at ways of improving the offer to visitors so Thomas events will be run again in 2017.

Pirates Adventure – 4 & 18 August – Over 360 visitors came, showing 71% occupancy for this new type of event. Further events are planned for 2017.

Princesses – 11 & 25 August. Over 700 visitors came, showing 92% occupancy. Further events are planned for 2017.

Peppa Pig – Over 3,100 visitors came which was a 10% decrease from 2015. This even was disappointing and will not be run in 2017.

Dining with Distinction – Its been a great year right across all the services with a stunning 94% occupancy rate. Check out the new Dining with Distinction web site, which is launched on the 10th October.

Volunteers Charter – Both the ELRPS and ELLRCo Board’s have provisionally approved a draft for consultation. The Charter will now be published and made available to all ELRPS members for their views. All views are welcome. A final copy is to be presented the ELRPS AGM for adoption.

It is worth noting that the level of working volunteers has reached record levels at 745!

Volunteers Recruitment – Youth Section. A task and finish group are looking at establishing a permanent Youth section within the ELRPS in time for their AGM next April. Any initiative to create such a group will need volunteer mentors to supervise the young people. More details on this nearer the AGM.

Rawtenstall West – Protective Signalling. The works to erect the new signals have now been completed. Our thanks go to Peter Duncan and his team for their diligent work which compliments the installation of the new wigwams at the level crossing.

Ramsbottom Gates – A site meeting has been held with an electrical engineering team from Siemens, who have offered their services for free. They have been tasked with developing a solution which improves the workings of the barriers to assist the Signal Box volunteers, minimising maintenance whilst retaining the historic style of the gates.








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