News from The Boardroom-September 2016 (1)

Board Room 1

Chairman’s Report to Board


Heywood in Bloom 2017 – I have met with members of the Heywood in Bloom committee at Heywood Station. For 2017 it was agreed that the committee would adopt the platform and bring in and look after in additional planters. As a result, the station would be part of the Judging route.



Heywood Station – Heywood Township have donated £20,000 to the ELR for us to build a new railway themed play area.

Trip Advisor – Congratulations to our Dining with Distinction team on achieving No. 1 status on Trip Advisor right across Greater Manchester in competition with over 4,500 restaurants. Awesome!!


Lancashire CC Tourism Awards – Congratulations to all our volunteers and paid staff on being shortlisted in two categories:

  • * Large Attraction
  • * Santa Specials






Made In Bury Awards – Again congratulations to all our volunteers and paid staff who are involved in the ELR being shortlisted for:

  • * Food & Drink
  • * Tourism & Leisure























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