Burrs New Station Update (8 Sept 2016)


The stone base has has now been completed in several layers compacted for each layer. The first 25m of galvanised steel formwork has been laid for the platform. The formwork is held in place with galvansied metal pins to hold the whole construction firmly in place. This is critical so that when the reinforced steel cage is inserted and concrete poured in to a depth of 150mm it remains in its orginal position.

Constrution staff will be working throughout the week-end to finish the fixing of the steel formwork. Weather permitting, concrete will be laid for the whole 114m of the platform by the middle of next week.





3 thoughts on “Burrs New Station Update (8 Sept 2016)

  1. Nice to see tangible progress, every time we stop just past here with the Red Rose Diner it looks different. The guys on site are friendly and professional, acknowledging warning whistles and standing clear, and generally seem good humoured and pleasant. Will this have full station status Mike or will it be a halt (request stop)? Will there be any covered accommodation for passengers and will it be staffed? Any plans you can publish? Many thanks, Andy Burns, Driver, Steam Dept.


    1. Andy
      Thanks fir your kind comments.
      Full scheduled service will stop at the new station commencing 1 January 2017. A shelter in the style of the original Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway will be erected.


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