A ‘Wet’ but a Special Gala Weekend!

Diesel 2Diesel 3

Diesel Gala – Despite the inclement weather the weekend was huge success and very well supported and great to see an array of classic and much loved diesel locomotives.

Overall, I want to pay tribute to all our volunteers for all the hard work they put into organising and delivering such a great event. I also want to thank those visiting preservation societies who brought their locomotives for us to enjoy and making it such a memorable event.

Heywood Incident

During the running on the first day of the Diesel Gala, there was an incident at Heywood on Friday afternoon, due to track damage. As a result, locos couldn’t run round in the usual way. Trains were top and tailed with locos front and back, ensuring our passengers were able to still enjoy the full round trip. Once again many thanks to the P Way team who toiled in awful weather to make the necessary repairs and S&T signed off the points for normal traffic today (13th July).

Burrs Update – After a very wet few days we can see the first signs of building getting underway with the construction of the access road leading up to the platform.


Flying Scotsman – Tickets are now on sale. Details are being finalised for the free Working Members Train leaving Bolton Street on Thursday evening 13th October – http://www.flyingscotsmanatelr.com/

Raise the Roof – Don’t forget to come down and enjoy the music and a good pint! Funds raised will go into our key restoration projects.

Raise the Roof



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