News from the Boardroom June 2016

Board Room 1

Burrs New Station – Work commences on Monday 4th July and runs for 8 weeks.

Finance – It was reported to Board that revenue growth is up by 30% (in part thanks to the Flying Scotsman revenue) for the first 5 months (January to May). The 40’s weekend saw record numbers of visitors, up 40% to around 7,000.

Visitor Numbers – From January to May visitors are up by around 42% from 38,000 to 55,000.

Flying Scotsman – 13-16 October

Priority is being given to ELRPS watch out for announcement next week.

Tickets go on public sale, 11th July. Details on the free Working Members Train are still being finalised.

Horncliffe Land Slip – Funding for the remedial works costing £36,000 has been secured, split 50:50 from the ELR Trust Board and Lancashire County Council. We are waiting for a start date from the Environment Agency.

Chest Wheel – This is a more complex and potentially costly solution. Discussions are still ongoing as to how best to sort this problem out. In the meantime to track bed has stabilised and is still being regularly monitored.

Volunteers Charter – A review group has been set up by David Wright (Chair of the East Lancs Railway Preservation Society) and they have held their first meeting which includes Board Directors from ELLRCo. The group will be reviewing all aspects of how we recruit and retain volunteers, in particular the number Working members which is now above 700. Comments Please – If you have any ideas how we can improve the whole process of recruitment and retention, I would love to hear from you.



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