News from the May 2016-Boardroom (1)

Board Room 1


The Board meeting had a strategic feel about it, as we discussed a number of options to develop North and South of Baron Street and more widely with the intention to develop the ELR’s own 20 year vision, this will be known as the Buckley Wells project.


The present locomotive works are 160 years old and were built in 1856 and is the oldest continuously operational standard gauge locomotive works in the world!!  Like all old buildings, and this one is no different, it needs major restoration to the fabric and internally replacement of equipment to make repairs and restoration more cost effective.

Baron STreet 1

Key strategic Drivers include:

  • * Protect and enhance Heritage Assets
  • * Dilapidation of listed loco works
  • * Set out the 20 year vision and direction of travel
  • * Make the ELR sustainable for future generations
  • * Build a strong and durable infrastructure to support the vision

In effect, the report to Board was broken down into a number of key areas:



Loco Works

  • Dilapidation
  • Grant Funding – Restoration/Match Funding
  • Internal Modifications

Consolidation of Steam, Diesel, Carriage & Wagon Facilities

  • C&W Stabling
  • Diesel and Steam Running Sheds
  • Turntable

The Visitor Experience

  • Observation Areas
  • Attractions
  • Safe access and facilities

Specialist Engineering Facility

  • In line with other heritage railways, research and develop an ELR specialism, for revenue generating purposes to support restoration programmes

Bury Transport Museum

  • Fully integrated into ELR development plans
  • Development of Castlecroft

What next? – Board agreed:

  1. Set up a small group to start putting together the ELR’s 20 year vision (a draft will be issued for consultation) – could take up to 18 months to complete
  2. Develop a draft proposition for the loco works to submit a project enquiry to the Heritage Lottery Fund
  3. Identify commercial opportunities that could operate out of the Baron Street site
  4. Integrating the Buckley Wells project into the future fund raising strategy to be able to lever external funding on time.

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