Class Act makes its Debut

Class 40 - 106 Debut2 - 23 May 2016There are good days on the ELR; then there are historic days when we saw the return of the Flying Scotsman; then there are special days with the debut on the ELR of the Class 40 106, Atlantic Conveyor in its original green livery was just such a day. Congratulations must go to John Stephens and the Class 40 Group for not only having the ambition to purchase this iconic locomotive but to get the funds together to purchase it. Class 40 and diesel enthusiasts came from across the country on Sunday 22 May, including Exeter, London, Newcastle, Norwich and Llandudno to ride on this locomotive.

It was also a special day for one family from Halifax, whose father, a Class 40 fanatic passed away recently. We were able to honour the family’s request for the Whistler headboard fitted onto 106.

Class 40 - 106 Debut - 23 May 2016

Check out this thank you letter to John Stephenson, from the family group who came over from Halifax. It says everything that is so special about the ELR. 

Hi John,

Just a note, to thank you for all your help with organising the running with the Whistler Headboard. Many thanks also to your team of drivers, engineers, cleaners, raffle ticket salesmen and general volunteers who do an excellent job. We had a fantastic time on board 40106 and the memories came flooding back as soon as we set off. The engine sounds fantastic and I am sure the society will really benefit from having 106 alongside the other engines.  

It was immaculately turned out and we were so impressed with the atmosphere on the train which was like a mini rail tour. I am sure we will be back as a group for a few more trips on the Whistlers in the future. My mum thought it was lovely and so fitting with the headboard on that particular engine. It couldn’t have worked out any better. 

You even managed to sort the weather out! 

I will now get on with sorting some more of Dad’s  stuff for you to sell on your stall.  

Well done and a very sincere thank you to all again. 





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