De-railment Update

At approximately 10.30 yesterday (22 March) a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) ran away in Baron Street yard onto the Metrolink track and in the process became derailed at the protecting trap points at the Bury Loco junction. There are no injuries or further damage reported.

Tram services are currently suspended on both lines. 

A joint media statement (ELR, JSD Rail & TfGM) was issued.

At the time of the incident the MPV was under the control of JSD Rail who were carrying out operator familiarisation on the vehicle. This is a service contract being facilitated by the ELR for this purpose.

The RAIB and HMRI both attended site and have carried out their respective enquiries into the incident. The ELR has and will continue to fully co-operate with these bodies. The cause of the problem appears to centre on a failure of the MPVs safety systems.

A re-railing crew arriving on site last night (22 March) but only one half of the unit has been re-railed and recovered to Baron Street yard by 02:45 hours and it is not expected that the site will be clear sufficient for Metrolink services to recommence before mid to late morning. The crew have found jacking a challenge as a result of the steep embankment and the height of the chess side ballast shoulder.

With regard to the trap points, our Permanent Way Team have been requested to remove the rails at the bottom of the yard until such time as this whole matter has been resolved.  HMRI will be informed of the action we have taken. The incident will be discussed at the next Company Board meeting (1 April) with a view to better managing risk of a similar future occurrence.

Timed at 09.30




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