News from the Board Room!

I chaired my first monthly ELR Board meeting this week. Understandably, for most of our volunteers and staff the work of the Board goes unnoticed and probably the work we do and decisions we take can appear quite remote from day to day operations.  However, I would unequivocally say, that all Board members are passionate about the railway and will always seek to protect its future when making decisions.

I would like, through this blog, to shine a light on the work of the Board. We always have regular agenda items  which include the finance report, giving updates on income and expenditure; dealing with requests from Directors on behalf of departments for one off spending approval . We also receive sales and marketing reports.

At this meeting we received a special report recommending the recruitment of two apprenticeships covering business administration which were agreed. These two posts are a small, but important, investment for the future and are needed to help with a lot of back office finance and administrative functions.

Burrs Country Park station totem

As the project lead, I reported to the Board on the progress on our ambition to construct a new station. I was pleased to advise the Board that we have successfully assembled a budget for the work with grateful thanks for grants from Bury Council, Friends of Burrs and the Caravan Club. We are now in advanced discussions with a local construction company. We are also in the process of submitting a revised planning application which will take a couple of months. I hesitate to say anymore until all the technical and legal elements are wrapped up before we can set any agreed timescales.

And that Was the Week That Was!

Away for a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “News from the Board Room!

  1. Dear Mr Chairman
    I had just finished my turn at ramsbottam station and was locking up the station when four customers arrived to travel to Bury on a train departing at 5 pm. I advised the last train left at 4,30
    They were adamant they had down loaded a timetable from the web site which showed the later train rather than leave then to make their own way I took them to Bury station ( which is on my way home to Sale)
    On checking the web site there are two timetables depending on which way you go through the web site
    This timetabling problem together with Suzanne the real ale train tour rep having another different time table does make it extremely difficult for our customers. I do not know who is responsible for timetables and issue to the public and staff you have stated that you want to communicate both with staff and customers therefore I thought you should know of this instance perhaps thus should be investigated if we are to retain confidence and support from our customers
    david whatley Ramsbottam station


    1. David,

      Thanks for your action in this matter and contacting me. I have passed your query onto Andy Morris to look into this. I have asked Andy to let you know what action he is taking. Mike


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