Exciting Week Ahead!!

Very busy and exciting week coming up!

On Wednesday I am meeting the senior management from Alstom and their apprentices who are on a 6 months exchange visit. I hope that soon our apprentices can experience a working exchange to understand the  work techniques on modern trains and railway equipment.

Later that same day I am meeting Officers from Bury Council to discuss the progress we are making with construction of a new station at Burrs Country Park. I hope to be able to make a positive announcement soon on this exciting development.

Again on the same day I have an introductory meeting with one of our local authority partners, the Leader and Chief Executive of Rochdale Council to discuss regeneration initiatives at Heywood Station and expansion of the line out to Castleton.

On Thursday, I have another introductory meeting with, one of our local authority partners, the Leader and Chief Executive of Rossendale Council to discuss regeneration and tourism initiatives at Rawtenstall Station and the construction of a new canopy (following a public funding campaign).

Later that same day I am attending my first ELR Trust Board meeting where the Councillors and officers from our three local authority partners meet to discuss various regeneration projects across the railway and ongoing maintenance challenges to keep the infrastructure such as bridges etc in good order. I will be accompanied by Board Directors Richard Law and Alex Walker.

Just to explain, the role of the ELR Trust Board is to oversee the development of the infrastructure for the whole of the railway to help regenerate key target areas and boost tourism, but also to support the development of the ELR who, as train operator, runs trains on the tracks of the ELR. What is important to say is that all three councils are very committed to seeing the ELLRCo develop and be sustainable for the future.

On Friday, I will chair my first monthly ELLRCo Board meeting at which we discuss a range of financial and operational issues that Directors have asked to be on the agenda. Watch this space for updates from the meeting.

And finally, on Saturday I am hosting the first of two consultation meetings with heads of departments to set out my vision for the ELR and a number of proposed changes at Board and Operational Level. More information will be published soon as part of the consultation which runs until April.



4 thoughts on “Exciting Week Ahead!!

  1. As a regular customer may I throw something into the pot for you monthly meeting. Perhaps a point for discussion “Marketing and the need to go beyond BR.”. Take for instance the Flying Scotsman. Several full trains but no buffet car, yes I know this may have lead to a few less passengers but the income from the buffet would have far out weighed the loss of revenue of 25 or so seats. But if a buffet was not going to be on the train a visionary would have perhaps put on a champagne trolley also serving a selection of wines and beers with Flying Scotsman branded beer mats and glass mats. A missed opportunity, it was after all a celebration. I did manage to find someone selling beer in a corridor half way up the train but you could have done much better. Peter the wine/head waiter on your dining trains would have made a killing on those trains. We got a beer on the train popped into the Buffer Stop a Rawtenstall no problem we had a great time, it was the discussion with the people near to us who would have liked a glass of wine (or several) and then the idea of champagne came up. Keep up the good work.


    1. Peter,

      Thank you for your suggestions. I know there have been discussions along the lines you suggest. I will pass these onto Richard Barnett our sales manager for him to reply direct.


  2. Are you able to say whats happening with the halt. A sad day for us who have photographed at that spot for many years, and also kept the little cafe at Burrs country park going in winter when no one else goes in


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