A Week Full of Anticipation?

What a great start to 2016 for the ELR as we look forward with huge excitement and anticipation of the Flying Scotsman running on the ELR later this week.

We have to pay tribute to those great British Engineers who, back in 1923, designed and built the Class A3 Pacific locomotive (4472), I would say the modern equivalent being the Concorde such was the Scotsman’s influence on railway development and performance. Concorde, as we know, was the first true commercially flown aeroplane to break the sound barrier in 1969, but the Flying Scotsman made its own record and cemented its place in history by becoming the first steam locomotive to run at 100mph 35 years earlier in 1934.

We must also pay tribute to our modern engineers from Riley and Son and their partners who have diligently, with great skill and patience, restored this true British icon and national treasure back to its rightful place running on our national and heritage rail networks for the many thousands of us to enjoy for years to come.

Flying Scotsman

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