Goodbye to a Great 2015!

As we leave 2015 behind, we can look back with great pride on what has been achieved right across the railway. Our Heritage demands we look after and celebrate our history. A history written into the very soul and fabric of the ELR and successfully achieved through the many thousands of people who have worked their magic over the years. Last year was a record in many ways, more visitors, more events, more services, more investment and more awards.

The challenge for 2016 is to not only sustain this success but maintain the reputation for high quality and friendliness of what the ELR offers.

As the new Chair, one of my first priorities will be to develop a stronger infrastructure and increase capacity and resilience to help all departments meet their objectives and engage more with our paid staff, volunteers and partners to help them understand any changes I and the Board will bring forward.

Check out this photo of me working at home where I am writing articles for my blog and twitter. Let me have your ideas on areas you want me to focus on over the coming year.

Chair working at home




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